Qutronic Model Maker Expert

Our open source project QMMEOpen is a expert with lots of helpful utilities as :

Localisation of

Diagrams, haveing a reference to the currently selected diagram
Diagrams, haveing a reference to the current class     (see image)
Diagrams, haveing a refernce to the current method

Automatic sequence diagram generation using delphis call stack
Printing Diagrams an their contained documentation   (see image)
QMMEOpen for MM 6.25 QMMEOpen is a Opensource Modelmaker Expert. It is a collection of useful functions. For more information download the zip file and read the included Word document
QMMEOpen for MM7.x Necessary modifications due to changes in MMToolsAPI done
QMMEOpen 2.5 installer QMMEOpen project Version 2.5 works with D5 and MM 8.05 (22. April 2005)
QMMEOpen 2.8 installer see included QMMEOpen.doc at the end for more info (8. April 2006)
QMMEOPEN 3.0 Installer QMMEOpen working with Modelmaker 9.x and Delphi 5